The best job you’ll ever have

If you’re up for the challenge of reinventing communications – and working with some of the world’s brightest and nicest minds – then keep reading.


Our roles

Discover the roles available in our in London, San Francisco, Hong Kong and other global offices.


We’ve made our name by solving issues no-one else could. The problems we give to this team are so meaty that no one’s left in 3 years. Innovative communications start here.

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Our customer support team has come a long way from the days when our co-founders personally helped resolve any issues. But the spirit of genuinely caring about customers lives on today.

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Results are really rewarded at Nexmo. As is initiative, proactivity, stepping up to the plate – and just generally being extraordinary in everything you do.

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Perks of the job

Competitive paid time off
Company bonus
Commute and transport support
Company healthcare
Retirements savings matching
Wellbeing program
Always available snacks, weekly lunches & happy hours

We know you have a life. And we know you’re a professional. So we make work about results – and not the location you do it in. For us, flexibility is key.


We want you to keep us on our toes. So, at every company meeting we give an award for the most difficult, constructive question.


We’re competitive but laid back – and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Folks get together for everything from ping pong (and beer), to Tough Mudder, weekly lunches and team events.

Jack Shirazi
Head of Software Development
From a tech person’s perspective, you’re allowed to push the boundaries, pull in interesting technologies and really engage your problem solving skills. The people are great, the work is really interesting and challenging… It’s the best place I’ve worked.
Lisa Roskam
Support Manager EMEA
What I love most at Nexmo is the people – they’re fun, supportive, smart and hard working. We are open to constructive criticism, so you can say what you really believe. When you work hard that gets recognized. This has been a fantastic job for me.
Alex Berry
Sales Director EMEA
I had no experience when I started. But I proved myself in challenging situations and was quickly promoted to Sales Director. Then Nexmo sent me on a 4-week training course along with other top executives from blue chip companies. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
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