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Building a Phone-Powered Photo Booth with Nexmo’s Voice and SMS APIs

September 1, 2015 Published by // // // //

I’m always looking for something interesting to build at developer events. Earlier this year at php[tek], I decided to create a phone-powered photobooth. Turning a user’s phone into the interface for this photobooth meant I could skip all the physical user interface you’d find in a traditional photo booth. No need for buttons to start […]
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Why Are People Still Using SMS in 2015?

August 26, 2015 Published by // //

Short Message Service (SMS), more colloquially known as ‘text,’ is a protocol used for sending short messages over mobile networks. The first SMS was sent in 1992; By 2010, SMS was the most widely used data application, adopted by 80 percent of mobile subscribers. Then, came the rise of the smartphone. Smartphones paved the way for […]
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How to Turn a Cool Lead Warm with SMS Marketing

July 30, 2015 Published by // //

In today’s world of information overload, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to effectively engage consumers. Marketers have tens of channels to consider, from online, to mobile, social, and more, with the internet providing the common denominator between these channels. With so many rich, complex ad units coming into the market, it’s easy to lose sight of […]
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5 Tips When Creating Two Factor Authentication

June 25, 2015 Published by // //

Multifactor authentication is not only becoming the norm (both Apple and Snapchat added two-factor authentication for their login processes), it’s becoming the law. Starting August 1, 2015, the European Banking Association (EBA) will require all European businesses to have strong customer authentication when collecting payments in online transactions, including a mandatory multi-factor authentication process in […]
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