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Minting a New JavaScript Developer Advocate – Alex Lakatos

June 5, 2017 Published by //

Hi, I’m Alex Lakatos, but most people around the world call me “Laka”. I’m the newly minted JavaScript Developer Advocate joining the Developer Relations team at Nexmo. And I’m super excited about that! Before joining I’ve done all things JavaScript for half a dozen companies around Europe, but eventually figured out I liked going to […]
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One Year of Developer Relations at Nexmo

March 14, 2017 Published by //

It’s been a crazy and fun first year at Nexmo for the growing Developer Relations team. Since our Hello World from the Nexmo DevRel Team post we’ve reached eight full-time people spread from San Francisco to London, with members in six different geographic locations. We’re a truly remote-first team. In this post, I’d like to […]
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Olia Joining the Developer Relations Team

November 22, 2016 Published by //

Hello! My name is Olia and I’ve recently joined the Developer Relations team at Nexmo! I was born in Russia, grew up in Spain and for the past 10 years London’s been my home. I originally come from Interactive Design background, but for the past 5 years I’ve been working with APIs and developer communities, […]
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Welcoming Mark Smith to the Nexmo Developer Relations Team

October 18, 2016 Published by //

Hi, my name’s Mark – although I’m known as Judy2k on GitHub, Twitter, and almost everywhere else. (Judy’s been a nickname of mine since university, and I’m not going to explain it!) I’m excited to start my Developer Relations career at Nexmo! I’ve been a software developer for 20 years, these days primarily Python, but […]
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Tomomi Is Joining Developer Relations Team!

August 31, 2016 Published by //

Hello World! Hello, my name is Tomomi, a.k.a. girlie_mac on Twitter and other social media (but girliemac, sans underscore on GitHub and my domain name, I am very excited to join the Developer Relations team at Nexmo! I live in foggy San Francisco and have been here since well before the tech Gold Rush. […]
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