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Super Fast Voice Broadcast with Asynchronous Python and Sanic

October 5, 2017 Published by // // //

SMS has become the de facto method for sending notifications when push isn’t available. So much so that I rarely receive an SMS from an actual “person” anymore. My colleagues use Slack, friends use Facebook Messenger, security-conscious friends use Telegram, and paranoid friends use Signal. Even my mum, who only got her first smartphone in […]
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Say Hello to @NexmoDev 👋

September 14, 2017 Published by //

Today, we have launched a new Twitter profile, @NexmoDev. This account differs from our @Nexmo account in that it is focused purely on sharing news and updates for developers and will be curated by the Nexmo Developer Relations team. The @Nexmo account will focus on the business side of Nexmo and the wider Cloud Communications […]
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Nexmo at Android Summit

September 5, 2017 Published by // //

Recently the Android team at Nexmo attended Android Summit in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Organized by the folks at Capital One the conference gathers speakers from around the globe to speak about designing, developing, and testing for Android. As a bonus, proceeds from ticket sales raised $6000 for Women who Code. The conference covered three tracks: […]
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