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Verizon EdgeCast helps Nexmo to scale globally and reliably

November 18, 2014 Published by //

Many businesses rely on SMS and voice messages to quickly and easily connect to their customers. If these messages are not delivered efficiently, companies could quickly lose business. See this video of Nexmo CEO, Tony Jamous, discussing how Verizon Edgecast helps increase Nexmo’s deliverability of these messages to end users and improve customer experiences for […] Read more »

Why Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

November 11, 2014 Published by //

User verification. It’s not a sexy word by any means, but there is a reason why big brands like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others continue to spend millions of dollars in an effort to curb identity-based abuse by wrongdoers. Many of these companies are turning to something called two-factor authentication via SMS in order […] Read more »