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The Rise of Cloud Communications Platforms

December 10, 2014 Published by //

The shift of enterprise software to the cloud has accelerated over the past few years. According to BCG, global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business is growing at three times the rate of traditional on-premises software(1). This tremendous growth in SaaS is fueled by its rapid adoption. A survey(2) conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners in conjunction with […] Read more »

Trend Towards Control

December 8, 2014 Published by //

It’s well known that carriers are moving towards monetizing Application-To-Person (A2P) messaging. During this process, they are creating products for this traffic, which keeps Person-To-Person (P2P) separate. One of the key challenges for companies and aggregators is the attempt to control messaging coming into the network by carriers. The goal to control the messages coming […] Read more »

Five Tips for Better Phone Number Verification

November 26, 2014 Published by //

Over the last year, many of the world’s largest companies have been subject to the same bad news: their digital properties lacking user authentication have been compromised. As a response to these attacks on users’ accounts, companies are implementing additional security measures, such as mobile phone number verification to authenticate users. Phone number verification can […] Read more »

Introducing our New API: Verify

November 19, 2014 Published by //

The two most important questions organisations must consider everyday are – how do I protect my business, and how do I protect my users. The context of these questions may vary across organisations, but they are constant across scale and scope. For some, these are questions of security because they need to ensure users can […] Read more »

Verizon EdgeCast helps Nexmo to scale globally and reliably

November 18, 2014 Published by //

Many businesses rely on SMS and voice messages to quickly and easily connect to their customers. If these messages are not delivered efficiently, companies could quickly lose business. See this video of Nexmo CEO, Tony Jamous, discussing how Verizon Edgecast helps increase Nexmo’s deliverability of these messages to end users and improve customer experiences for […] Read more »