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RogerVoice Enables Deaf to Make Voice Calls Using Nexmo SMS API

January 20, 2016 Published by // // // // //

For deaf and hard of hearing people, communicating via mobile device can be challenging. RogerVoice, the leading telecommunications voice recognition solution for deaf and hard of hearing people, provides users with the ability to start a phone call and receive instant live transcriptions of what the callee is saying. It works in multiple countries and […]
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Building a Phone-Powered Photo Booth with Nexmo’s Voice and SMS APIs

September 1, 2015 Published by // // // //

I’m always looking for something interesting to build at developer events. Earlier this year at php[tek], I decided to create a phone-powered photobooth. Turning a user’s phone into the interface for this photobooth meant I could skip all the physical user interface you’d find in a traditional photo booth. No need for buttons to start […]
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Improving Call Quality and Decreasing Latency Using Nexmo’s Automatic Location-Based Routing for SIP

August 25, 2015 Published by // //

Since the early days of Nexmo’s Voice API solution, we have always wanted to empower developers to create great products that utilize voice functionality, without any added complexity.  Currently, Nexmo’s powerful APIs allow our customers to effortlessly voice-enable their products using features like Text-To-Speech, call forwarding or message recording. Our simple SIP trunking service allows our […]
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What Is VoiceXML?

February 21, 2015 Published by // //

If you’re just getting started building phone-enabled applications, you may be wondering what exactly VoiceXML is used for. In this post I’ll give an overview of what VoiceXML is, what it’s used for, and the general components of a VoiceXML document. In a nutshell, VoiceXML is like HTML for a phone call: it describes what […]
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