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5 Tips When Creating Two Factor Authentication

June 25, 2015 Published by // //

Multifactor authentication is not only becoming the norm (both Apple and Snapchat added two-factor authentication for their login processes), it’s becoming the law. Starting August 1, 2015, the European Banking Association (EBA) will require all European businesses to have strong customer authentication when collecting payments in online transactions, including a mandatory multi-factor authentication process in […]
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Mobile Devices Driving Explosive E-Commerce Growth

May 27, 2015 Published by // // //

You see it everywhere—whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, people are rarely without a mobile device glued to their hands. It’s no wonder that mobile commerce sales are rising exponentially. In 2013, over half of’s visitors were accessing the site on a mobile device. With new mobile payment and currency developments like Apple […]
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The Death of Passwords: How Phone Numbers are Reinventing Security

May 27, 2015 Published by // // // //

On Tuesday, April 28, I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote to executives of gaming companies at GMIC Beijing. The title was “The Death of Passwords: How Phone Numbers are Reinventing Security.” The topic came up as many are predicting mobile gaming will be blindsided by the next huge security attack. My goal was to […]
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Introducing Our New API: Verify

November 19, 2014 Published by // // //

The two most important questions organisations must consider everyday are – how do I protect my business, and how do I protect my users. The context of these questions may vary across organisations, but they are constant across scale and scope. For some, these are questions of security because they need to ensure users can […]
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Why Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

November 11, 2014 Published by // // // // //

User verification. It’s not a sexy word by any means, but there is a reason why big brands like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others continue to spend millions of dollars in an effort to curb identity-based abuse by wrongdoers. Many of these companies are turning to something called two-factor authentication via SMS in order […]
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