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Frictionless, Strong Authentication for Mobile Applications

April 25, 2016 Published by // // // //

Fintech companies including robo-advisors, P2P payment apps, lending platforms, mobile-only banks and others are rapidly gaining traction by giving consumers faster, easier, and cost-effective access to financial services. In response, traditional financial services firms are increasing their investments in digital innovation. For fintech, banking and other financial service apps, authentication is a extremely critical step […]
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Proactively Securing Players in Online Games

April 1, 2016 Published by // //

Since 2012, major gaming brands have suffered from highly publicized data breaches. These attacks cause potentially irreparable damage to brand reputation and require major operational work. In fact, the average total cost of a data breach is estimated to be $6.5 Million. Supporting a login and registration process that establishes the right balance between speed, […]
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pq Decreases Fraudulent Account Creation, Improves Customer Experience (CX) with Nexmo Verify

March 24, 2016 Published by // // //

pq is an instant video messaging app designed to provide a peek—or “peeq”—into a user’s world with short snippets of high quality video. The Challenge pq friends can only share videos if both parties have each other’s phone numbers, so the company wanted to ensure the privacy and authenticity of users. To solve this issue, the company needed a […]
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BlaBlaCar Hitches a Ride with Nexmo

March 8, 2016 Published by // // // //

Today, I’m excited to share how we have been helping BlaBlaCar, one of the largest ridesharing companies in the world, connect non-professional drivers with passengers. You can check out our press release that gives a good overview of the 100,000+ messages per day we handle for BlaBlaCar across Europe and beyond, and I wanted to […]
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The State of Security for Mobile Commerce

February 17, 2016 Published by // // //

Recently, Vodafone and TalkTalk suffered high profile data breaches making thousands of customers vulnerable to phishing attacks and fraud. Leakage of user credentials and personal information not only affects users, but also online retailers who are impacted by chargebacks on fraudulent transactions. No doubt, security for online payments will be under the microscope once again […]
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Introducing Nexmo Verify SDK

November 11, 2015 Published by // // //

Today, Nexmo launched the Verify SDK with the goal to minimize the resources required by developers to add secure phone verification, which ultimately results in high conversion rates. The Verify SDK allows you to add phone verification with a single line of code for password replacement, passwordless logins, 2-factor authentication, and user/transaction verification. It provides application developers […]
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4 Ways Cloud Communications Can Help Secure Financial Applications

September 3, 2015 Published by // // // //

It’s no secret that user security is critical in the finance vertical. From credit cards to bank accounts, consumers want the satisfaction of knowing that their finances are protected from attacks and unauthorized users. Cloud communications make it easy to verify users, authenticate transactions and keep users up to speed on what’s happening with their accounts. […]
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Announcing the Nexmo Verify SDK Public Beta Program

August 27, 2015 Published by // //

It goes without saying that verifying users is business-critical for organizations that need to securely manage interactions with their customers. Nexmo’s Verify API provides businesses with the ability to provide customers with a code delivered out-of-band, enabling a secure verification process. Today we are announcing the Nexmo Verify SDK Beta program for Android, iOS and […]
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The Death of Passwords: How Telephone Numbers are Reinventing Security

July 21, 2015 Published by // //

Internet services are increasingly turning away from conventional forms of user identification and passwords and instead looking towards authentication via mobile phone, a measure that significantly increases security. Although businesses have not put all the mechanisms in place to effectively identify their users, it has become a critical threat they are now taking very seriously. […]
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The Security Trend: Why Mobile Apps Should Move Toward OTPs

July 16, 2015 Published by // // //

Today, security and a safe user experience are more important than ever. However, many mobile applications, e-commerce sites and online communities only require a simple username and static password for login and access. While this is convenient for users, these login credentials are easily compromised using techniques like phishing, keyboard logging and other methods of […]
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