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Detrack Offers Real Time Communications for Last Mile Deliveries with Nexmo SMS

May 26, 2016 Published by // // // //

Detrack is a leading last mile fulfillment solution for brands and logistics providers across 40 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. The company’s iOS and Android app bundles powerful features such as vehicle tracking, proof of delivery, real-time notifications, and automated delivery updates to customers into one affordable, innovative service. It was critical for […]
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Using SMS to Scale Social User Acquisition

April 20, 2016 Published by // // //

Articulating a user acquisition strategy is key for successful app adoption. But how do you define this strategy? User acquisition is expensive, country-specific regulations are complex, spamming is illegal and destructive to your brand, and maintaining a marketplace is challenging. Social invites have proven to be a key channel to overcome many unique user acquisition […]
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Nexmo and AppShark Partner to Enhance Salesforce Messaging

March 31, 2016 Published by // //

Communication is critical to business success, and SMS has quickly become one of the most reliable, ubiquitous, and efficient ways for marketers and CRM professionals to service their customers. As such, today we announced our partnership with AppShark, a leading Salesforce solutions provider. Appshark will add Nexmo’s SMS capabilities to Salesforce through its Open SMS […]
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Cleanly Scales Laundry Delivery Service Using Nexmo’s SMS API

March 17, 2016 Published by // // // //

If you live in a large metropolitan area like New York, laundry can be a major pain point.  Between hours spent at the laundromat, inconvenient dry cleaning deliveries, or having to drag a full bag of clothes up to a fifth floor apartment, it is truly an inconvenience. That lack of convenience and customer-focused flexibility sowed the seed that […]
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BlaBlaCar Hitches a Ride with Nexmo

March 8, 2016 Published by // // // //

Today, I’m excited to share how we have been helping BlaBlaCar, one of the largest ridesharing companies in the world, connect non-professional drivers with passengers. You can check out our press release that gives a good overview of the 100,000+ messages per day we handle for BlaBlaCar across Europe and beyond, and I wanted to […]
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RogerVoice Enables Deaf to Make Voice Calls Using Nexmo SMS API

January 20, 2016 Published by // // // // //

For deaf and hard of hearing people, communicating via mobile device can be challenging. RogerVoice, the leading telecommunications voice recognition solution for deaf and hard of hearing people, provides users with the ability to start a phone call and receive instant live transcriptions of what the callee is saying. It works in multiple countries and […]
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Mobyquest Gains Critical Phone Number Insights Using Nexmo Number Insight API

January 14, 2016 Published by // // // //

Mobyquest is a leading provider of MMS based applications. Through its exclusive agreements with telecom operators, the company provides its customers, including marketing agencies, web agencies, brands, and content publishers with highly competitive pricing for MMS messaging. Despite their exclusive agreements with telecommunications operators, Mobyquest needed a way to determine the correct carrier for each phone […]
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The SMS Value Chain Is Broken!

October 29, 2015 Published by // // // // //

As revenues from person to person messaging continue to be cannibalized by over the top applications, the carrier community has started to increasingly focus on monetizing application to person messaging. A2P revenues are expected to become the largest share of carriers’ messaging revenues. According to IDC the A2P messaging market is large at $23.4 billion […]
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SMS 101: Why Messages Fail to Deliver

September 23, 2015 Published by // // //

Despite being one of the most popular mediums for real time communications and used in many high priority and time sensitive applications, global SMS delivery is not always perfect and the distributed design of the telecommunication industry means that many different factors can intervene in the delivery of any SMS. In this blog, I’ll share […]
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