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The Future of Mobile Messaging: An interview with Joshua Stern, CEO of Telerivet

March 19, 2015 Published by // // //

SMS has become the most reliable way for organizations to communicate with their employees and customers. Yet, for many organizations — especially non-profits and small businesses — integrating professional mobile messaging in a meaningful way often proves prohibitively expensive, technical, or unmanageable. Telerivet eliminates these barriers by enabling organizations to effortlessly implement robust, cost-effective, two-way […]
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How to Build SMS 2FA That Won’t Scare Away Your Users

March 5, 2015 Published by // //

As the hackings of high-profile companies, such as Apple or Snapchat have shown, security is more important than ever for applications of all sizes. Many businesses, including the aforementioned companies, are turning to SMS-based authentication and number verification in order to secure their platforms and protect their users. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, works by combining multiple […]
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Improving Women’s Health in Malawi

February 18, 2015 Published by // // //

Here is another reason why Nexmo is special: our technology has a direct impact on making people’s lives better. It’s incredibly rewarding whenever we see our products help connect people when they need it the most. You may have missed how we worked with engageSpark to help Filipinos escape the wrath of Typhoon Hagupit last […]
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What Are Business Critical Communications?

February 4, 2015 Published by // // //

In the hyper-connected world of mobile internet, users have become accustomed to having information constantly available at the exact moment it’s needed. I sometimes find myself getting almost irrationally frustrated when there is even a slight delay in something such as waiting for a message to be delivered or my email not downloading properly (I […]
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Top 5 Reasons Your SMS Isn’t Being Delivered

January 13, 2015 Published by // // //

If you’re currently running a global SMS program, you’ve probably realized by now that the SMS industry has not been very transparent.  Each country and carrier has their own rules about what type of traffic is allowed and it is difficult to know the intricacies. Here I’ll address some of the main problems we encounter […]
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SMS Campaigns Help At-Risk Citizens Stay Safe During Typhoon

December 17, 2014 Published by // // // //

Last week, Nexmo client engageSPARK sent approximately 175,000 SMS messages on behalf of the global humanitarian agency Mercy Corps to inform citizens in the path of Typhoon Hagupit in the Philippines to evacuate, including what to prepare, where to go, and provided emergency phone numbers. The typhoon forced more than 1.7 million people to flee […]
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The Carrier Trend Towards Messaging Control

December 8, 2014 Published by // // //

It’s well known that carriers are moving towards monetizing Application-To-Person (A2P) messaging. During this process, they are creating products for this traffic, which keeps Person-To-Person (P2P) separate. One of the key challenges for companies and aggregators is the attempt to control messaging coming into the network by carriers. The goal to control the messages coming […]
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