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How MvIP (Messaging-via-IP) Will Change the A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Landscape

September 9, 2015 Published by // // // //

In the past several years, we have seen a massive shift in the chat and messaging landscape, as it expands from Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging, towards Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging. With this expansion comes much speculation around A2P via SMS, with claims that MvIP will bring on the demise of A2P SMS. However, Nexmo firmly believes that […]
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Bright Pattern Adds WeChat As Customer Service Channel Using Nexmo’s Chat App API

September 8, 2015 Published by // // //

Today Bright Pattern announced their integration with Nexmo’s Chat App API, effectively enabling their customers to engage in value-added customer service communications with WeChat users as a part of their Omnichannel Customer Service Platform. This collaboration with Bright Pattern is yet another sign of the evolution of brand-user communications catalyzed by OTT Messaging Apps’ emergence. […]
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Nexmo Integrates Viber into Chat App API

July 28, 2015 Published by // // //

We’re proud to announce our collaboration with Viber that will allow brands to easily and seamlessly engage with their customers on Viber’s messaging platform via Nexmo’s Chat App API. Chat applications have massive online presence but differ from one another in terms of disparate features, geographic penetration, technical requirements and local market restrictions. The Nexmo Chat App API solves […]
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Nexmo Heads to Call Center Week in Las Vegas

June 15, 2015 Published by // // // //

Next week, the Nexmo team is headed to the IQPC Call Center Week from June 17-18 at the Mirage in Las Vegas. The event boasts over 2000 senior customer care professionals, with speakers including customer service executives from Citi Group, Marriot International, and Western Union. Our CRO, Chris Moore, will be hosting a roundtable entitled, “Are Messaging Apps the […]
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Introducing Nexmo Chat App API

April 7, 2015 Published by // // //

Today, we introduced an exciting and innovative new product that we have been developing over the past few months — the Nexmo Chat App API. The vision we have for the API is to enable brands to engage their customers on a genuine and intimate basis via global chat apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook […]
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