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Open web & technology 💖 HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js. Cat hacks 🐈, and Internet of Blings ✨ (that slightly more than LED blinks 💡). Developer Advocate at Nexmo San Francisco.

How to Make an Outbound Text-to-Speech Phone Call with Node.js

January 12, 2017 Published by // // // //

This is the first of a two-part Voice API tutorial on making and receiving phone calls with Node.js. It continues the “Getting Started with Nexmo and Node.js” series, which followed our Getting Started series on SMS APIs. See links to prior tutorials in these series at the bottom of the post. The Nexmo Voice API […] Read more »

Extending IBM Watson Project Intu to the Phone Network with the Nexmo Voice API

January 4, 2017 Published by // // // //

You probably already know about the amazing IBM Watson. In case you don’t, it is a cognitive technology that can think like a human, using a combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and sophisticated analytical software. With Watson, you can analyze and interpret all of your data, including text, images, audio and video. Recently at the […] Read more »

Tomomi is Joining Developer Relations Team!

August 31, 2016 Published by //

Hello World! Hello, my name is Tomomi, a.k.a. girlie_mac on Twitter and other social media (but girliemac, sans underscore on GitHub and my domain name, I am very excited to join the Developer Relations team at Nexmo! I live in foggy San Francisco and have been here since well before the tech Gold Rush. […] Read more »