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Live Streaming php[world]!

November 16, 2016 Published by //

We’re really excited to be at php[world] again this year! Like last year we’re live streaming the keynotes. So if you can’t make it this year, just save a link to the live stream: Elephpants! Have you gotten your Nexmo ❤️ Elephpants shirt yet? If not make sure you grab one at our php[world] booth. […]
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Nexmo ❤️ Elephpants at ZendCon

November 8, 2016 Published by // //

As expected, ZendCon was a blast and a great kick off to our fall tour of PHP conferences. It’s always fun to spend time with the PHP community, and show off our new elephant swag! Talks and Tutorials I had the opportunity to give both a talk and tutorial this year. While PHP is known for serving web […]
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Nexmo at Laracon (and in Laravel 5.3)

July 29, 2016 Published by //

We’ve had a blast at LaraconUS this week. If you’re here, and haven’t stopped by the booth, time’s running out! Laravel 5.3 Notifications Wednesday, Taylor closed the day with a preview of things to look for in Laravel 5.3. One of those things was the Notifications, and we were pleasantly surprised to find a Nexmo […]
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Announcing: An Official PHP Client Library

May 25, 2016 Published by //

I’m very excited to announce the initial beta release of an official PHP Client Library for Nexmo’s API. It’s been quietly on packagist as an alpha for a few weeks, and it’s great to make the official announcement the week of php[tek] – a conference we’ve loved being a part of for the past few […]
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Announcing the Official Nexmo Ruby Gem

May 4, 2016 Published by //

One frequent request from developers using an API is a client library for the language they use. Nexmo is no exception. That’s a question we’ve gotten many times over the years, and we’ve recommended community client libraries from a wide range of developers that cover many different languages. But we want to have a better […]
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Building a Phone-Powered Photo Booth with Nexmo’s Voice and SMS APIs

September 1, 2015 Published by // // // //

I’m always looking for something interesting to build at developer events. Earlier this year at php[tek], I decided to create a phone-powered photobooth. Turning a user’s phone into the interface for this photobooth meant I could skip all the physical user interface you’d find in a traditional photo booth. No need for buttons to start […]
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Developer Challenge Winner Uses Nexmo Number Insight APIs

August 14, 2015 Published by // // //

Last month, we challenged developers to build something using our beta Number Insight APIs, Number Insight Standard and Number Insight Basic. The Number Insight Standard provides information including the national format of a number, the country, carrier, and the international format of the number, so it’s great if you need to transform user-supplied numbers into a usable […]
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