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Top 6 Reasons to Use Mobile Phone Verification for Your Business

March 9, 2017 Published by // // //

Companies are seeing an increase in security breaches due to spammers and scammers. These breaches can result in a poor customer experience and may lead to a decrease in customer retention, or worse, they could negatively affect your brand and result in legal and financial repercussions. To decrease the potential for compromised security, a great […]
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Volunteering to Help End Hunger at SF-Marin Food Bank

July 13, 2015 Published by //

Last week, the San Francisco Nexmo team partnered with the SF-Marin Food Bank to prepare meals for local families in need. The SF-Marin Food Bank has been working to help end hunger for over 27 years, with 25,000 volunteers each year and 450 partner organizations throughout the community. Click here to view pictures of our day […]
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The Future of Mobile Messaging: An interview with Joshua Stern, CEO of Telerivet

March 19, 2015 Published by // //

SMS has become the most reliable way for organizations to communicate with their employees and customers. Yet, for many organizations — especially non-profits and small businesses — integrating professional mobile messaging in a meaningful way often proves prohibitively expensive, technical, or unmanageable. Telerivet eliminates these barriers by enabling organizations to effortlessly implement robust, cost-effective, two-way […]
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Stopping Scams at the Door of Love

February 15, 2015 Published by // //

Finding love online is hard. When you throw in the potential for fraud and financial scams it could be enough to make anybody give up. For online dating companies like Dates of Asia, user abandonment is a worst case scenario. Dates of Asia started out using an email-based registration validation system to try to reduces […]
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Verizon EdgeCast helps Nexmo to scale globally and reliably

November 18, 2014 Published by //

Many businesses rely on SMS and voice messages to quickly and easily connect to their customers. If these messages are not delivered efficiently, companies could quickly lose business. See this video of Nexmo CEO, Tony Jamous, discussing how Verizon Edgecast helps increase Nexmo’s deliverability of these messages to end users and improve customer experiences for […]
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