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Derek Handova is an enthusiastic white paper writer and brand journalist in the B2B and technology spaces. In the past, he has led content creation efforts at prominent companies such as Altera, Solectron Corporation, BearingPoint Inc. and other Silicon Valley icons. He currently works in content at Nexmo, the Vonage API platform.

What Is Real Time Communications?

July 5, 2017 Published by // //

Real time communications is the near simultaneous exchange of information over any type of telecommunications service from the sender to the receiver in a connection with negligible latency, according to SearchUnified Communications. Examples of real time communications include: Voice over landlines and mobile phones VoIP Instant messaging (e.g., WhatsApp, WeChat), Video and teleconferencing Robotic telepresence However, […]
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AI Powered Chatbots Augment the Future of Customer Service

April 14, 2017 Published by // // //

Fully cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) is not here yet, but something that feels like it is here now and already helping businesses create better customer experiences. That something is AI powered chatbots. This was one of the key takeaways from an April 13 VentureBeat webinar titled Customer Support: Unleash Your Superpowers with AI. Stewart Rogers, VentureBeat […]
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