Nexmo (Finally) Welcomes Kelly J Andrews to the Developer Relations Team

Published February 02, 2019 by Kelly J Andrews

Hey there, my name is Kelly J Andrews and I joined the Developer Relations team back in August. To be honest, I didn’t want to announce I was working here until I was sure they would let me stick around for a bit. Now that it feels a bit more “safe,” I’m happy to announce that I am the Extend initiative leader with Nexmo!

I have been performing Developer Relations functions for six years and writing code for more than fifteen, but what sealed the deal were my pipes. They found me on a karaoke stage here in Indianapolis, and frankly, knew they needed this kind of talent on the team.

I love building relationships that last. I enjoy the time I get with other developers in my community, but if I look sleepy, hand me a coffee. This is my normal state.

As a father of 6, I “had” the patience of Job, and can bring the dad jokes for days. Typically you will find me roaming the conference halls begging people to go karaoke or showing them a card trick.

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