Hui Jing Joins the Nexmo Developer Relations Team

Published September 27, 2018 by Hui Jing Chen

Hello! I’m Hui Jing, and I’m excited to embark on my first Developer Relations role with Nexmo. 

I built my first website in 2009 while playing basketball full-time with the Malaysia women’s national team. Turns out it was something that I really enjoyed doing. The web can connect people all over the world and I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how it all worked under the hood.

But it was the frontend development side of things that really appealed to me, and I developed an inordinate love for CSS. Yes, CSS, that somewhat polarising web technology which almost every developer has an opinion on. I’ve been running SingaporeCSS for almost 3 years now, one of the many communities that make up Singapore’s robust tech scene.

Developer relations is less of a ‘thing’ in Southeast-Asia at the moment but I’m looking forward to contribute to its growth and development, and to bring value and a better experience to developers along the way.

You can follow my adventures in the world of DevRel on Twitter and my blog.

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