Nexmo Introduces In-App Video in Developer Preview

Published July 24, 2018 by Sheri Atienza

For the last 8 years, Nexmo has helped developers enrich their applications with communication capabilities such as SMS and Voice. These implementations created a personal connection between brands and their customers, no matter where they were located. Today, I’d like to introduce the newest channel to our family — Nexmo In-App Video.

Based on WebRTC, our In-App Video solution includes a full cloud video global infrastructure that enables developers to easily integrate video into their solutions with just a few lines of code. As a result, service agents and customers will now be able to see each other or share their computer screen when communicating over the web.

Nexmo In-App Video has all the features users love and expect, including the ability to have group video sessions, voice controls, and the option to use just audio (for those days when they haven’t combed their hair). Meanwhile, the flexibility of In-App Video allows developers to customize how their streams are displayed and create a unique in-app design without any layout limitations.

Users can join the video session via traditional methods such as the click of a button or by dialing in. But one of the unique features of Nexmo In-App Video is that users can directly call other users who are using landline telephones to join the session. These users, in turn, can listen to the audio of the video session. This capability is enabled by the Nexmo Voice API, which allows these users to dial in from local numbers across 65 countries.

A Better Customer Support Experience Using In-App Video

Nexmo In-App Video helps developers to create a better, more personal contact center experience. For example, when a customer is trying to explain to a contact center agent the issue she’s having with an application, detailed verbal descriptions can sometimes just cause confusion. By using In-App Video, the customer can share her screen to show the issue at hand. The contact center agent, in turn, can easily comprehend the issue and take the necessary steps to resolve it, thus, getting to a resolution quicker and improving customer satisfaction.

Using Video For Communication Between Users

But In-App Video is not just for communication between agents and customers. It can also be used to enable communication between customers on platforms such as online marketplaces. Enabling users to communicate with each other via video can increase trust between users. For example, in a marketplace of buyers and sellers, the seller can enable In-App Video to showcase a 360-degree view of the item they are selling.

The use cases don’t stop there. Users can also use video to produce a better educational experience when teaching or tutoring online. Recruiters and hiring managers also can conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates.

Use Nexmo In-App Video to provide a more personal customer experience, build trust among customers, and elevate your communications.

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