Lorna Joins Nexmo’s Developer Relations Team

Published July 12, 2018 by Lorna Mitchell

Hello there! I’m Lorna, and I’m a new Developer Advocate on the Developer Relations team at Nexmo. I’m really a software developer, and my roots are in the PHP and Open Source communities, but I’m also a published author and a conference speaker with 10 years’ experience. I’ve also been a trainer, an API consultant and a tech lead, so developer relations in such an API-specialist organisation seemed like a great next move for me.

I’m based in sunny Huddersfield where I have a house renovation project in progress, a garden to look after, and plenty of space for my many and various crafty hobbies. I love to cook, eat, sew, woodwork, crochet … Pinterest is my secret vice!

At Nexmo I’ll be working mostly with the Nexmo Developer Portal and our other digital content, and I’m delighted to be here 🙂

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