Eric Joins the DevRel Team!

Published September 29, 2017 by Eric Giannini

Amanda wearing a PHP cape and a hotdog hat.

Awesome! I am really excited to join the Developer Relations team at Nexmo as an iOS Developer Advocate. I am based out of California. Before joining Nexmo I worked at General Assembly as a Lead iOS immersive instructor.

I am really passionate about both Objective-C & Swift, especially the latter, which is constantly evolving. One of the most tantalizing aspects of iOS development is the increasing diversity of APIs with which developers are empowered to develop. If you take Auto Layout, for instance, there are any number of different ways to build a view from Interface Builder to programmatic views, which itself may be anything from Anchors to NSLayoutContraints to an entire language called Visual Format Language. Views, however, are not even the tip of the iceberg for iOS! You still have Models & Controllers! ARKit, CoreML…

Most days you will find me blogging about this, that or the other iOS thing, hacking apps, building SDKs, or rapidly prototyping. On other days I meet with iOS developers or other strongly typed Swift types at conferences, Meetups, & other variadic functions.

I am excited to meet you as a member of the DevRel team at Nexmo. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out with Nexmo’s APIs or iOS SDKs!

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