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Numbers Compliance for the Enterprise

Published July 17, 2017 by Oliver Schlieben

Nexmo recently released a new set of enterprise compliance features for buying a phone number. Nexmo has always abstracted telecommunications compliance through all its APIs, globally—and these changes keep you in tune with the shifting regulatory landscape.

In some key geographies, the regulators require Nexmo to share information about the individual or business using the number with suppliers in order to be compliant with local regulations.

Depending on the location either a valid country, city or geographic area address related to the phone number will be required.

Country variations:

  • In some countries Nexmo will capture addresses at time of purchase or
  • In addition to an address, in some areas, a proof of address may also be required, before buying a phone number

Countries Included in Numbers Change

Country Address
type required
Countries that require
address when purchasing*
Countries where only
available on request
Proof of identity
Australia Region Yes
Bahrain Country Yes Yes
Belgium City / Region Yes
Denmark Country Yes
France City / Region Yes
Germany City Yes
Hong Kong Country Yes Yes
Ireland City / Region Yes
Italy City Yes
South Korea City / Region Yes
Latvia City / Region Yes
Netherlands Country Yes
Norway City / Region Yes
Panama City Yes
Portugal City / Region Yes
Singapore City Yes Yes
Slovenia City Yes
Spain City / Region Yes
Sweden City / Region Yes
Switzerland Country Yes
Turkey Country Yes
United Kingdom City Yes

*Buying phone numbers in these countries will be by request where your address will be required and we will provide available numbers to select so that we can add to your account.

When You Purchase a Phone Number that Requires an Address

For countries where an address is required at time of purchase this can be done through the Dashboard.

Login and undertake a search on the “Buy numbers” page in Dashboard for landline voice enabled phone numbers in a country that requires an address when purchasing you will see the overlay for clicking “Buy.”

You are asked to add an address in order to complete your purchase and confirm that you agree to allow Nexmo to share this information with our suppliers and local regulators for the country where you are purchasing the phone number.

Once you have added an address, confirm you are the person or you represent the entity using the phone number and click “Next” we retrieve some options of addresses that match your input in order to confirm we have the correct address. As we want to make sure we select the right address.

A nice little feature we added is that if you have an address in your account profile that matches the country of the number you are purchasing we will automatically fill in the form for you!

So once we have returned some address options, you can select the correct one. We check the address provided is valid one more time and show you a summary before you confirm purchasing the number.

You’re all done and can start using that phone number.

For Countries Where You Need to Request a Phone Number to Purchase

If you are in a country such as Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong or Singapore we have to add the number to your account ourselves. Which means we request your address and agreement to share your address with suppliers and local regulators before adding the phone number to your account.

When you undertake a search on the “Buy numbers” page you will see a button to send a request rather than any phone numbers being returned.

Clicking on the button displays a similar form as the provisioning phone numbers one, where you enter your address and confirm that you are the person or you represent the entity using the phone number.

The difference after this point is that we send the request to our team to review and get in contact with you in case we require more information such as proof of address or personal identification as in some countries that is a requirement.

From here the team will add the phone number to your account and you will be notified you are all set.

More Information

For more details on the regulatory requirements on number addresses you can read our FAQ article.

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