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Innovation with Communications APIs and Artificial Intelligence

Published June 08, 2017 by Glen Kunene

In this Communications in Context video segment, Head of Voice Products Roland Selmer talks about the exciting innovation that will result from communications APIs gaining direct access to artificial intelligence technology. (To read the full transcript, scroll below the video.)

Communications APIs and Artificial Intelligence (Full Transcript)

Roland Selmer, Head of Voice Products at Nexmo: It’s a strategy that we’ve taken at Nexmo, right? So, for instance, when we launched our WebSocket endpoints for a voice API, it really allowed us to…well, and our customers as well…to leverage all the best in class AI products out there, things like IBM Watson, which we did a great integration with the Intu project. And I think as long as you get access, voice is such a natural interface. It’s probably, obviously, the most natural way that human beings connect with each other.

So just alluding to the stuff Francisco is saying, there’s countless use cases where we could leverage, or our customers could leverage, best-in-class AI engines. And as neural networks and as AI technology progresses, I think we’re gonna see some really great things, like real-time translations. So you’ll be able to phone any store in the world, regardless of what language they speak.

“as neural networks and as AI technology progresses, I think we’re gonna see some really great things”

In fact, Vonage has a kinda proof of concept application that does that already, where it’s almost like a real-time Babel type product where you could speak to people in different languages. And you get in the background, like, a third person saying the translation. I think it really opens up the scope for, as we mentioned earlier, augmenting existing human interactions. It really allows small organizations to scale very large.

As Francisco talked about earlier, you won’t even know when the transition has happened between, say, an AI chat bot, where you’re asking about certain products. And it becomes a point where it transitions to a human operator, which will really help to triage and scale their…in the case of like, say, a support infrastructure, really scale beyond what traditionally they would be able to offer from just pure human basis, so really exciting stuff.

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