Nexmo Integrates Messaging into Microsoft Workflow Automation Tools

Published May 08, 2017 by Glen Kunene

Good news for bottleneck busting: Nexmo has launched a connector to Microsoft’s suite of workflow automation tools, enabling users of Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps and PowerApps to integrate SMS and text-to-speech (TTS) messaging into their custom workflows. Users can leverage the high response rates of SMS messaging to create custom business alerts that will consistently get the attention of stakeholders and hasten required actions. These custom SMS and TTS notifications can boost operational responsiveness and eliminate bottlenecks.

The productivity gains can be significant when automated messaging spurs immediate action on critical items such as:

  • A business process that requires input for approval
  • A prospect who is ready to become a customer with the proper follow-up
  • A customer has a showstopper issue
  • When negative or positive mentions of a company’s brand are posted to social media
  • A high-priority email arrives from senior leadership

Nexmo President Tony Jamous sums up the potential business impact this way, “The addition of Nexmo APIs to Microsoft workflow tools elevates productivity and efficiency of business processes by providing messaging capabilities to highlight and surface critical work items that require immediate attention.”

He adds, “By augmenting existing notification processes with custom, real-time SMS alerts via Nexmo APIs, companies are communicating priorities among stakeholders in more engaging ways to improve operations for better business outcomes.”

Using an intuitive visual builder tool, Microsoft Flow users connect business application services such as SharePoint, Office 365, Power BI, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce to create simple and customized workflows. With the Nexmo connector, they can also create customized Flow notifications that send alerts whenever a predetermined trigger occurs in the workflows.

With Microsoft PowerApps, users connect business services to create new datasets, quickly build apps based on the new data (without writing any code), and then publish the apps across web and mobile platforms. Microsoft developed PowerApps in part to help professionals manage the proliferation of business data across organizations, providing a mechanism for aggregating the most relevant data in an app regardless of storage location. With the Nexmo messaging integration, users can employ SMS and TTS notifications to further extract and broadcast meaningful business signals against the noise of less important data.

Similar to Flow, Logic Apps users create custom workflows that connect disparate systems and automate business processes. For more common workflows, preconfigured templates can get users started right away. Today, a number of Nexmo-powered Flow notification templates are available. Of course, Flow users can create any custom SMS/TTS notification workflow they need. We encourage users to publish the templates they create with Nexmo in order to help other users.

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