Nexmo Roadmap Case Study

Roadmap Helps Business Travelers Stay Connected with the Nexmo SMS API

Published April 21, 2017 by Charles Costa

Roadmap is a mobile tool for travelers designed to create happy travelers and happy travel managers. The customizable iOS and Android app allows travel agents, enterprise companies, and travel management companies to create a mobile-friendly overview of their entire trip and creates relevant and local suggestions to save travelers’ time, money and create a far better travel experience.

With over 600,000 travelers across 40 countries using Roadmap every month, the company wanted to make the traveling experience as simple and easy as possible. To achieve this, Roadmap sought a globally scalable SMS solution to enable easy user verification and SMS notifications for delays, trip details, booking changes, and the like.

To provide the most secure reach and highest adoption for its customers, Roadmap partnered with Nexmo. Using the Nexmo SMS API, Roadmap quickly scaled its SMS traffic for travel alerts, as well as user authentication for new app registrants, without having to worry about regional carrier anomalies and regulations.

Using the Nexmo SMS API, Roadmap successfully achieved:

  • App adoption rates of 70-80%
  • High deliverability for all SMS sent globally
  • Significantly expanded global reach in mere months
  • Minimal engineering resources needed to
  • Immediate cloud communications connectivity

“At Roadmap, we are obsessed with providing the most seamless, enjoyable travel experience for our users. SMS allows us to offer instant connectivity that our travelers expect when they are on the go,” said Markus Emmer, CMO and Co-Founder of Roadmap.

“Nexmo’s SMS API not only allowed us to instantly scale globally, but it allowed us to deliver business-critical messages at the right time, to the right user, wherever they are in the world.”

To learn more about this use study, view the complete case study here.

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