Introducing the Nexmo API Extension for Zoho CRM

Published March 30, 2017 by Charles Costa

Why are we so happy to announce the integration of Nexmo communications APIs with Zoho, the cloud CRM and business application platform? Because the Nexmo Extension for Zoho enables businesses using Zoho CRM to implement a type of customer interaction we’re very big believers in: contextual communications.zoho logo

To quote our president, Tony Jamous, “Whether it’s a busy doctor’s office sending billing or appointment reminders via SMS to patients, or a sales professional making bulk voice calls to key prospects, the integration of Nexmo APIs into Zoho CRM enriches and improves the user experience for increased productivity and enhanced customer connections.”

With this extension, Zoho CRM users can reach contacts wherever they are—via voice or SMS—enabling richer customer connections for deeper relationships and more meaningful engagement.

Available now in the Zoho Marketplace, the Nexmo Extension for Zoho allows users to make these connections with customers or prospects without leaving the CRM platform interface. The screenshot below shows a Zoho CRM dashboard view of Nexmo-powered SMS and phone call connections.

nexmo zoho crm dashboard

In addition, businesses can also use the Nexmo Extension for Zoho to:

●      Make voice calls to contacts from within the Zoho CRM.

●      Track outbound call history with up-to-date call status.

●      Create and manage customized voice templates.

●      Manage connections with contacts via an interactive dashboard.

●      Send customized voice calls through CRM workflows.

●      Set IVR for outgoing and incoming calls.

Getting Started

If you’re a Zoho CRM business user, we invite you to try the extension for yourself and see how it can improve the way you engage with customers, clients, and prospects. Simply head over to the Zoho Marketplace and add the extension. Should you need any Nexmo assistance, we’re standing by, ready to assist with any questions you might have.

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