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Enhance Your Applications with Contextual Voice Capabilities

Published March 16, 2017 by Roland Selmer

Even in these days of ubiquitous text and chat communications, voice still plays a significant role in the way people connect with brands and with each other. Voice enables customer experiences that aren’t possible with text alone.

If your applications are using only text for customer interactions, you may be missing out on a number of key benefits. Here are a few of the ways voice capabilities can enhance your customer communications.

Voice-enabled Notifications and Alerts

Text-based notifications and alerts are a great way for your applications to encourage user engagement and retention. By adding voice support as well, users gain another option for responding to alerts (via voice or text).

Should you decide to implement voice via a Voice API solution, consider whether the provider offers a global inventory of numbers and if those numbers can be provisioned as needed. Here is a diagram of how these could be implemented using the Nexmo platform.

Voice-enabled Notifications and Alerts

Marketing Campaigns That Speak to Customers

Adding voice to your global marketing campaigns not only provides your customers with another channel to interact with your company, but it also can open the door to richer customer and campaign intelligence. For example, by using unique phone numbers based on campaigns, listings, and geography, you can gain essential insights into campaign performance.

If you provision the phone numbers via a cloud platform, you can also track response rates, monitor call length, and measure the engagement levels based on different regional demographics.

The diagram below illustrates how global campaigns can leverage both text and voice using the Nexmo platform.

global campaigns using text and voice APIs

Voice in the Cloud for Call Centers

Whether you currently have a customer support center or are looking to build one out, having the right communications infrastructure is essential for your success. While these systems used to require specialized on-premises equipment, cloud communication platforms are greatly simplifying implementation.

By using a cloud solution you can gain performance insights that will help you improve your support center operations. For example, you can collect and analyze metrics such as successful versus failed connections between parties. Additionally, you can gauge agent performance (time to resolution, call length, etc.) using call metadata.

Here is a diagram of a cloud-based contact center using the Nexmo Voice API.

cloud-based contact center

Private Voice Communication

Proxy communications, also known as private voice communications, enable you to protect user privacy by provisioning intermediate virtual phone numbers for transactions between users who don’t know each other. For example, in online marketplaces and sharing economy platforms, buyers and sellers can freely communicate without revealing their actual phone numbers to each other.

For online marketplaces in particular, this feature is essential to keeping transactions on your platform where you can best monetize the interactions.

private voice communication

Phone Number Verification

Sometimes you need a way to ensure numbers are valid before you make outbound calls. With a phone number verification solution, you can gather information about numbers before making SIP calls.

In the case of bulk messaging, identifying and removing invalid numbers from your call lists helps to keep costs in check by reducing failed message attempts.

For businesses who have implemented this verification via the Nexmo Number Insight API, they simply enter the target phone numbers and the API identifies any that are invalid. From the resulting output, they also get country, number type, validity and roaming status data for the valid numbers.

phone number verification

Getting Started

Here are some resources to get you started with the Nexmo Voice API:

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