Nexmo Joins Early Access Program from Google to Upgrade SMS for Businesses

Published February 23, 2017 by Glen Kunene

As advocates of innovation, especially in communication channels like messaging, we at Nexmo took a particular interest in an initiative that Google spearheaded early last year to upgrade SMS. Working in collaboration with the mobile industry, Google has led a program to bring a universal standard called RCS (Rich Communications Services) to Android mobile device users across the globe. While SMS offers businesses a ubiquitous communication channel with high user engagement, it does not deliver the type of rich communication experiences that today’s smartphones can support-regardless of operating system or device. Enter RCS.

Now we are proud to announce that Nexmo has transitioned from interested observer to a participant in Google’s RCS business messaging Early Access Program. We will collaborate with Google to provide businesses with enhanced features to the standard messaging experience on mobile devices. Through the Nexmo API platform, RCS enables delivery of improved business messaging to any Android mobile device, helping businesses to engage with their customers for deeper relationships and better business outcomes.

Through Google’s RCS Early Access Program, Nexmo will offer its business customers this upgraded experience. For customers such as and BlaBlaCar that rely on messaging in their daily operations, the Early Access Program gives them access to all the new features that RCS messaging offers, from group chat, to high-res photo sharing, to read receipts, and more. These enhanced messaging capabilities will be delivered via the Nexmo Chat App API (patent pending), which provides multi-channel access through one simple-to-connect API.

“This Early Access Program increases our reach within the business space,” said Tony Jamous, President of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. “RCS messages are a great complement to existing SMS capabilities for Vonage customers, bringing additional value to businesses that have the need to deliver rich content, such as read receipts, branded inbound support and multimedia messages, to their customers across the globe.”

To learn how you can join the RCS Early Access Program and upgrade your SMS messaging experience, contact the Nexmo team.