New Nexmo Reporting Features Deliver Insights and Value to Customers

Published February 22, 2017 by Oliver Schlieben

As a cloud communications provider, we know we can’t just offer message delivery through our  robust platform. Our customers  also need a way to ensure they’re getting the optimal performance from our solution. This is why at Nexmo we’re happy to announce a few new features to help deliver insights into your applications.

SMS Reports by Country

With our latest update, we’ve made it easier for you to search Analytics and Delivery reports by country. There is now a filter on these pages to display results by country. This allows you to check campaign performance on your terms.

As an example, the screenshot below shows an SMS report by day that has been filtered to show results from only the UK.


Try our search by country feature.

Increased Download Limits

Because we know our customers are always looking to get more out of Nexmo, we’ve increased the number of records you can download per report. We hope this will help you cover larger volumes of information, and simplify your end-of-month reporting.

The updated monthly limits are as follows:

  • SMS: 4,500 messages
  • Voice: 2,000 calls
  • Verify: 2,000 queries

Start messaging now.

Voice Post-Dial Delay (PDD) Metric

Post-Dial Delay (PDD) is the measurement of time from the initiation of the call to when the recipient’s phone starts ringing. This metric is now added to the Voice section of the Nexmo Dashboard, so you can improve performance measurements and insights within your Voice application.

See PDD reporting in action.

We know data is essential for messaging success, so we’re continuously improving the Nexmo platform to ensure you’re getting the most from the system. Be sure to check our blog regularly because there’s plenty more to come in the near future!

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