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Nexmo SMS API Powers Interactive Retail Experience for Streetlike

Published February 21, 2017 by Charles Costa

Here at Nexmo, we’re always looking for ways to make communications a bit cooler. Take tradeshows for example. Everyone loves swag, but just leaving it out for grabs is pretty boring. At the NRF Show in January we created a mock retail experience for Streetlike to help them put a modern spin on the prize wheel (pun not intended).

Before the show, we created a touchscreen prize selection kiosk where users entered their phone number to receive a prize. Rather than just dispensing the reward, Streetlike leveraged the Nexmo SMS API to send the end users unique URLs that led them to vouchers for claiming their prizes.

Thanks to this technology, attendees enjoyed a unique experience while Streetlike was able to continue the customer relationship even after the tradeshow.

In a conversation with Nexmo, Daniel Levy, Chief Executive of Streetlike, stated, “The demo enabled us to show how retail reward programs can be more normative and simplistic than app- and beacon-based experiences with limited adoption and usage. With this technology, we reached a wider demographic of customers. Not just millennials, but also people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.”

Named as an innovative company to watch by Matthieu Quenard, Vice President of Estée Lauder Companies, Streetlike offers value retailers, touchscreen digital kiosks to help drive purchases and capture customer data. Rather than making customers carry around extra cards or download an app, Streetlike requires only a mobile number from users.

You can learn more about Streetlike here, and see the Nexmo-powered prize selection kiosk in action below:

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