Redesigned Dashboard Start Page Gets Nexmo API Customers Up to Speed Faster

Published February 03, 2017 by Oliver Schlieben

You’ve signed up for a Nexmo account (a wise choice, indeed), and you’re ready to deploy a stellar communications experience for your users. The only thing standing between you and the happy customer interactions you’ve designed is the time it takes to start making Nexmo API calls. But where to begin? Thanks to our own efforts to continually improve customer experience, the answer is right in front of you when you first log in.

The Nexmo Dashboard team has launched a new Getting Started page, which serves as the initial landing page for new customers. After successfully signing up for their Nexmo accounts, new users are oriented to the platform with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that offers all the content and guidance they need to make their first API calls quickly and easily.

What’s New in the Getting Started Page?

The Getting Started page features a number of usability improvements. The customer’s API details (key and secret) are displayed more prominently, and the layout is organized into the three key functional areas that new users commonly need to access:

  1. Try the API – Featuring product-specific code snippets that enable you to test the Nexmo APIs
  2. Enable all account features – Allowing you to make a payment, buy numbers, and quickly move into production
  3. Manage your account – Providing direct links for common account management actions as well as additional help resources

Here is a screenshot of the Getting Started page.

Getting Started Guide - Nexmo Dashboard
Figure 1. Screenshot of Getting Started Page

We made the Try the API section the main focus of the page to help developers make their first API calls. We also wanted to provide users who know exactly want they need to do with immediate access. Other improvements in this section include:

  • Updating some snippets to ensure a smooth testing experience for all regions
  • Moving the tabs to the left of the code snippets to enhance readability, and relabelling them with actions rather than product names
  • Adding a drop-down menu for SMS below the code snippet, so that users have direct access to country-specific help content

The improvements in the Manage your account section include a new Need help? resource that provides links to all the channels where a user can get assistance or find further information from Nexmo. We have also made The Getting Started page a permanent fixture of the Dashboard navigation. Now, users can easily access it as a reference to all of Nexmo’s products anytime they need to.

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