Grab Drives Southeast Asia Forward with International SMS and Voice

Published December 08, 2016 by Elisha Hoffman

Grab is the leading ride-hailing platform that provides transportation solutions for 620 million people across 34 cities in Southeast Asia. Grab offers a wide range of services through their mobile app, including GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabBike, GrabHitch, GrabExpress, and GrabFood. The company partnered with Nexmo to implement a customer notification user verification process via SMS and voice messages.

Enhancing the Grab Experience with Communications

The Grab mission is to create the safest, most accessible transportation platform possible, and it needed a way to scale its user communications and user verification process. However, in many of its target geographies across Southeast Asia, non-reliable carrier infrastructure meant some text messages and calls may not be delivered, which disrupted the customer sign-up process.

Integrating Nexmo SMS API & Voice API

To overcome these challenges, Grab partnered with Nexmo to access its global cloud communications platform. After integrating the SMS API and the Voice API, Grab gained access to Nexmo’s worldwide carrier network, and tapped into Nexmo’s adaptive routing algorithm to ensure messages are delivered via real time communications, regardless of the user’s location.

“The Nexmo platform delivers the lowest latency and the high deliverability our business-critical application requires, thereby ensuring passengers and drivers can reliably use our application.”

customer notification user verification

Increasing App Security through Customer Notification User Verification

Using Nexmo’s SMS API, Grab implemented a phone number-based verification process for new drivers and passengers. When a new user registers an account, they receive an activation code delivered by SMS. Upon entering the activation code in the app, the user is automatically verified and can fully access the app.

“With reliable SMS and voice delivery from Nexmo, we can provide the convenience of passwordless login, protect our users, and create a frictionless user experience.”

Operational & Transactional Communications

To communicate with users during the booking process, Grab used Nexmo’s SMS API to roll out transactional and operational notifications, including booking, cancellation, and route change updates. SMS was also used to increase user retention and engagement through localized mobile marketing campaigns. In addition, with per-second billing, Grab significantly reduced communications costs by not having to pay for unused partial minutes.

“Nexmo is a trusted partner for Grab, because of the consistently high, worldwide deliverability and cost savings from per second billing and automatic provisioning. With Nexmo, we can create much richer customer experiences and we look forward to exploring new, creative ways to engage our users with Voice and SMS.”