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Introducing New User Management Features in the Nexmo Dashboard

Published June 29, 2016 by Oliver Schlieben

The Nexmo Dashboard was designed and built for developers from the start with the ability to support enterprise-grade communications solutions. Today we are announcing a key change in the way you can map users and API keys. You can now take the current user management functionality and scale for multi-region and business unit capabilities. With this new feature product managers, business operations and developers have access to a flexible and scalable solution to manage users and API keys.

Previously, account owners (business users and developers) had to add users and request additional API keys without connecting them together. You add a user and they would, by default, be able to use and see reporting for any API key associated with the account. It’s important the highlight the different persona that use our APIs:

  • Business user – part of a large corporation with multiple business units in different regions, and they manage different development resources within those regions. They also need a way to manage all of these regions, units and users easily without conflict of usage while maintaining security.
  • Developer – has multiple customers and build multiple applications for these customers. The developer needs a way to separate these customers so that they can view and download their usage without seeing any other applications and avoid having to build a custom application. They occasionally outsources application development and might also have other developers accessing their account for testing.

For business users who want to set up regions, log into your existing account or create a new one. Business units and departments can all have individual API keys assigned to them or assign restrictions so they can access and manage what they need.

For developers, they can add separate API keys to the account for different applications. Developers can also create secondary users to view and download reporting information without being involved in API key management, payments or number management. If they hire contract developers or outsource development resources, they can add them as restricted secondary users to their account.

Example Hierarchy of Users on an Account:


├─── Primary user
│ ├──── Master API key
│ ├──── API key 1
│ ├──── API key 2
│ └──── etc.

└─── Additional users

enabled/disabled by Primary user
├──── Master API key (enabled by default)
├──── API key 1
├──── API key 2
└──── etc.

If you are managing various regions or teams, you will need to contact [email protected] to request additional API keys for your account. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new functionality.

Login to the Dashboard now, or create a Nexmo developer account to get started.