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Nexmo Recognized as Top Global A2P SMS Messaging Provider and Customer Service Champion by Leading Mobile Carriers

June 30, 2016 Published by // // // // //

Roaming Consulting (ROCCO), a leading telecommunications research firm, recently conducted extensive “Vendor Performance Reports” with over 500 mobile network operators (MNOs) to better understand how vendors in the market perform in customer service and A2P (application-to-person) SMS messaging. Championing Customer Service While many vendors offer services internationally, there are complex, specific challenges that come with […]
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Talking Real-Time Web Apps and .NET at NDC Oslo

June 23, 2016 Published by //

I recent headed to Oslo, Norway for NDC Oslo to share my thoughts on Real-Time Web Apps and .NET. In this talk I cover how you can use SignalR, XSockets and PubNub to build a real-time chat ASP.NET MVC application. In doing so I hope to demonstrate how these options work, their differences and their […]
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Phone Numbers – Fact or Fiction

June 22, 2016 Published by //

I’m a phone number geek, I always have been. As a child I used to read the front section of the phone directory where all the area codes and special numbers were listed! So, it’s not really surprising that I ended up with a career in telecoms. There’s something fascinating about the structure of phone […]
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Building a Voice Alerts Broadcast System using Ruby and the Nexmo Text-to-Speech API

June 21, 2016 Published by // // //

This is a guest post by Cristiano Betta Sometimes a text message won’t do. When you really want to be alerted about something important you probably want to receive an actual phone call; whether it’s because a server is down, or because a natural disaster has occurred in your area. Similarly a service provider or […]
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Using the Cloud to Enhance Customer Experience (CX) in Financial Services

June 15, 2016 Published by // //

Cloud-based communication solutions are revolutionizing the way financial services companies talk to their customers, by making it easy to verify users, authenticate transactions and notify customers of account activity without compromising the customer experience (CX). Here are the top seven ways to use cloud APIs to enhance CX in your financial applications and services: Drive Conversion and Increase […]
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