php[tek] 2016 Live Stream

Published May 23, 2016 by Phil Leggetter

We’re proud to be involved with php[tek] 2016 as Community Night Sponsors. We’ll have a booth at the event and Tim Lytle will be giving a talk on Robust Second-factor Authentication with PHP.

Somehow Tim also managed to convince the fine folks at php[architect] that he knew how to operate a camera. So, we’re very pleased to be providing a live stream of the keynotes at php[tek] 2016.

For ease of access, you can find the live stream embedded below. But you can also find it on php[architect]’s YouTube channel. Check out the php[tek] schedule and be sure to check back during the keynotes.

Both Tim and Sid will be in St. Louis this week so please do stop by the Nexmo booth to day “hi”.

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