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New Nexmo Python Library Released for PyCon

May 30, 2016 Published by //

We’re pleased that we’ve released v1.2.0 of the official Nexmo Python library in time for PyCon. Right now it’s a different animal to the PHP library we released last week which is based on the Nexmo client library specification. The Python library presently offers a simpler wrapper around the HTTP requests required to interact with […]
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Detrack Offers Real Time Communications for Last Mile Deliveries with Nexmo SMS

May 26, 2016 Published by // // // //

Detrack is a leading last mile fulfillment solution for brands and logistics providers across 40 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. The company’s iOS and Android app bundles powerful features such as vehicle tracking, proof of delivery, real-time notifications, and automated delivery updates to customers into one affordable, innovative service. It was critical for […]
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Announcing: An Official PHP Client Library

May 25, 2016 Published by //

I’m very excited to announce the initial beta release of an official PHP Client Library for Nexmo’s API. It’s been quietly on packagist as an alpha for a few weeks, and it’s great to make the official announcement the week of php[tek] – a conference we’ve loved being a part of for the past few […]
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Nexmo Contributes to A2P Messaging Fraud Framework

May 24, 2016 Published by // //

Nexmo is one of 25 industry leading companies participating in MEF’s “Future of Messaging Programme.” As a part of this program, our team contributes in a two-year programme to create awareness and develop industry best practices in mobile messaging that accelerate market clean-up and advance innovation to support sustainable growth across the ecosystem. The group’s first indsutry programme, […]
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php[tek] 2016 Live Stream

May 23, 2016 Published by //

We’re proud to be involved with php[tek] 2016 as Community Night Sponsors. We’ll have a booth at the event and Tim Lytle will be giving a talk on Robust Second-factor Authentication with PHP. Somehow Tim also managed to convince the fine folks at php[architect] that he knew how to operate a camera. So, we’re very […]
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Real-Time Web Apps and .NET. What Are Your Options?

May 19, 2016 Published by //

So many applications now offer some form of real-time UX and real-time functionality is becoming increasingly essential as technology trends evolve. Notifications and activity streams in Facebook, Twitter, news and sports apps; real-time location tracking in Uber and most other taxi (logistics) apps; real-time collaboration in Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 online. What sort […]
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Sparkcentral Adds WeChat Support Using Chat App API

May 10, 2016 Published by // //

Today, Sparkcentral, a leading customer engagement platform, announced the addition of WeChat support, allowing brands to better manage customer interactions on any social or messaging channel. The WeChat support function is made available in partnership with Nexmo, via our Chat App API. As you can see the video below, Sparkcentral’s WeChat support can be enabled […]
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Announcing the Official Nexmo Ruby Gem

May 4, 2016 Published by //

One frequent request from developers using an API is a client library for the language they use. Nexmo is no exception. That’s a question we’ve gotten many times over the years, and we’ve recommended community client libraries from a wide range of developers that cover many different languages. But we want to have a better […]
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It’s World Password Day! Here’s How to Protect Your User’s Accounts

May 4, 2016 Published by // // //

Happy World Password Day! Hackers are experts at accessing confidential profile and account information, so this is the perfect time to provide suggestions on how to make online account information more secure. Here are the top 4 ways you can combat fraudsters: Implement two-factor authentication (2FA): What is something President Obama, Sony Playstation and European Banks have in […]
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