Announcing the Revitalized Nexmo Dashboard

Published March 10, 2016 by Oliver Schlieben

The Nexmo engineering team is pleased to roll out the new Nexmo Dashboard to all users today. Our main objectives were to improve the underlying infrastructure of Dashboard and make a secure and stable framework for the features you want and need. We moved from a basic web app to a stable platform built for performance and security using coding best practices. In addition to the infrastructure changes, we improved the user experience with a refreshed user interface.

We hope that with the new Dashboard, managing your Nexmo account will be a cinch.

The New Stuff:

Cleaner UI and New Architecture
As part of this refresh, we updated the look and feel of the Dashboard. Simple improvements to the user interface make it is easier for you to find the tools you need. We have more API and account management enhancements in the pipeline, so keep an eye out.

New Account Management Section
In the new dedicated Account Management section, you can make payments, manage users and configure your account in the one centralized location:

  • View your balance and credit limit in the account settings dropdown
  • Make payments from the account overview
  • Visit a dedicated page for test numbers
  • Configure account notifications, 2FA your API secret and Callback URLs in the settings page
  • Add and view the status of your users in a single page

United Reporting & Analytics Tools
To help you analyse and investigate your use of Nexmo products, we united the reporting and analytics tools into individual product areas:

In each area, you can:

  • Search and download messages, voice calls, verifications and lookups by request ID, recipient and status
  • Analyse the request status and cost by day, week or month as well as by API key
  • View delivery success ratios and quality by day

Coming soon
We know there is always room for improvement. Here’s what we’re working on right now:

  • Auto-reload payments for credit cards
  • Redesigned reporting for all products
  • User management improvements including assigning an API key to a specific user
  • Updated notifications including emails, errors and status messages

If you would like to give us some feedback on any part of Dashboard or Docs sites, please contact our Developer Experience team.

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