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Nexmo and AppShark Partner to Enhance Salesforce Messaging

March 31, 2016 Published by // //

Communication is critical to business success, and SMS has quickly become one of the most reliable, ubiquitous, and efficient ways for marketers and CRM professionals to service their customers. As such, today we announced our partnership with AppShark, a leading Salesforce solutions provider. Appshark will add Nexmo’s SMS capabilities to Salesforce through its Open SMS […]
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pq Decreases Fraudulent Account Creation, Improves Customer Experience (CX) with Nexmo Verify

March 24, 2016 Published by // // //

pq is an instant video messaging app designed to provide a peek—or “peeq”—into a user’s world with short snippets of high quality video. The Challenge pq friends can only share videos if both parties have each other’s phone numbers, so the company wanted to ensure the privacy and authenticity of users. To solve this issue, the company needed a […]
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Cleanly Scales Laundry Delivery Service Using Nexmo’s SMS API

March 17, 2016 Published by // // // //

If you live in a large metropolitan area like New York, laundry can be a major pain point.  Between hours spent at the laundromat, inconvenient dry cleaning deliveries, or having to drag a full bag of clothes up to a fifth floor apartment, it is truly an inconvenience. That lack of convenience and customer-focused flexibility sowed the seed that […]
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The State of Social Media and Messaging in Asia: How Brands Use Messaging Apps to Engage Users

March 15, 2016 Published by // // //

In this post, I will explore the over-the-top (OTT) messaging market in Asia and the various services offered by each of the platforms. Before diving into the individual apps, however, we need to first understand why OTT messaging apps are the central part of the social landscape in Asia. Why Asia is so Critical to the […]
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Announcing the Revitalized Nexmo Dashboard

March 10, 2016 Published by //

The Nexmo engineering team is pleased to roll out the new Nexmo Dashboard to all users today. Our main objectives were to improve the underlying infrastructure of Dashboard and make a secure and stable framework for the features you want and need. We moved from a basic web app to a stable platform built for performance […]
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BlaBlaCar Hitches a Ride with Nexmo

March 8, 2016 Published by // // // //

Today, I’m excited to share how we have been helping BlaBlaCar, one of the largest ridesharing companies in the world, connect non-professional drivers with passengers. You can check out our press release that gives a good overview of the 100,000+ messages per day we handle for BlaBlaCar across Europe and beyond, and I wanted to […]
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Disruption Discussion: Cloud Communications + Unified Communications

March 7, 2016 Published by // // //

In the past, I have shared how Nexmo is growing at significant strides. In this new Disruption Discussion series, I’ll share the larger trends that are driving our growth, how we see different markets and technologies evolving over time, and where cloud programmable communications will lead us.  At Mobile World Congress (MWC) carriers and handset […]
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