Looking Back at Nexmo’s 2015

Published January 05, 2016 by Tony Jamous

2015 was the biggest and best year at Nexmo yet. We have grown on all fronts, while continuing to mature our organisation and the cloud communication market. Below are some major highlights from the year.

Enabling Chat App Connectivity


Chat apps are rapidly becoming the next carriers of communication and social channel for consumers. In the past, we partnered with many of the large chat apps to help them acquire more than 4 Billion users and in 2015, we enabled them to start monetizing their user bases. In April, we introduced our Chat App API, which allows brands to build engaging, rich and real-time conversations with their users on their favorite chat app. Since then, we have connected to major chat apps including WeChat and Viber, partnered with MarketoSAP and Bright Pattern, and successfully enabled KLM to become the first global brand to interact with customers on a chat app.

Disrupting User Authentication with Verify API and SDK

With increasing security breaches, phone numbers are rapidly replacing passwords for user identification and access. That is why in 2014 we built Verify, the globally scalable phone verification API that offers a disruptive pay-per-verification model. Over 4700 apps from a variety of verticals, including fintech, social and retail have used Verify API in 2015. We also introduced the Verify SDK allowing for a better developer experience on mobile, and higher security for mobile apps.

Pushing the Boundaries of Quality & Reach in Communication

Because our customers rely on the Nexmo platform for their most critical communication needs and carrier networks are not fit for such use cases, we have always been obsessed with providing end-to-end quality and deliverability. In 2015, we continued to build the world’s largest direct to carrier network, adding 19 new direct carrier links to minimize latency, and leveraged new cloud technologies to redesign and redefine quality management.

In 2014, we introduced our patent pending Adaptive Routing algorithm. This year, Adaptive Routing was “put on steroids” and effectively prevented 20,000+ carrier outages per day (yes, that is per day!). We also introduced a new voice quality algorithm to make it effortless for developers to cut down on latency.

In addition, we also upgraded the Nexmo developer experience with revamped API docsopen source SDKs on GitHub and new online payment options.

Turning IoT from Concept to Real Revenue

In the last 24 months, developers have been building cool IoT apps on the Nexmo platform, ranging from controlling a Smart Water Tank with Temboo and Samsung Artik, to feeding fish and dogs with voice commands. But in 2015, we saw the emergence of larger scale industrial IoT projects built on our platform. The latest in kind is a large automotive group using the Nexmo SMS API allowing drivers to communicate with a car via their mobile device.

Impactful Market Recognition

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.36.47 AM

2015 is the year the cloud communications market and Nexmo’s leadership was recognized. Our traction with leading analysts is a real sign that this segment is becoming more established. Some highlights include:

  • Gartner (cPaaS): “The Nexmo adaptive routing approach to SMS enables higher reliability and speed, which can be a critical differentiator for many applications. These attributes can increase the delivery success rate from between 15% to 80%.”
  • IDC (MAP): “Nexmo’s success and rapid growth with business-to-consumer text messaging is attributed to two factors: a high-quality, extremely reliable global network… and in-depth knowledge of individual country and carrier nuances of text messaging.”
  • Rocco (A2P SMS): Rocco surveyed carriers around the world and voted Nexmo as a top tier A2P provider, saying, “Inspiring and simple to work with…Nexmo is a great provider [that] we really admire.”
  • Smith Point Analytics (Cloud RTC): “Nexmo is able to attract developers to its platform by offering a higher quality of service. Developers turn to Nexmo to support their mission critical communications.”

Nexmo was also selected as a “Top 20 Most Promising API Provider in 2015” by CIO Review and garnered significant media coverage in 2015.

Diversity, Growth, Maturity

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.37.36 AM

In the last 18 months, we experienced massive growth. In fact, our team grew from 60 employees in July of 2014 to 169 in December 2015. This growth is a challenging phase for any startup and for Nexmo, it was critical to build the growth engine while still preserving the company’s core foundation and customer-first culture.

I’m proud to say that our team has emerged as a resilient and mature group, boasting over 47 nationalities and 41 languages spoken. We’ve revamped our leadership team with a new Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Revenue Officer (promoted from within), a VP of Inside Sales and most recently, a new VP of Sales, Americas. We built new internal divisions from scratch, including business operations, sales operations and developer relations to support our growth engine and our 100k+ customers. We reorganized our product team to provide more ownership for product leaders and opened a new corporate presence in Singapore, Tel Aviv and Paris. We also moved to new, bigger office space in London.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.38.18 AM

While going through this growth phase, we nearly doubled the volume of our business (measured by API calls) and maintained our laser focus on customer support, achieving an average customer satisfaction level of more than 85%.

We’re looking forward to continuing this growth and pushing the boundaries of cloud communications in 2016!

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