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RogerVoice Enables Deaf to Make Voice Calls Using Nexmo SMS API

January 20, 2016 Published by // // // // //

For deaf and hard of hearing people, communicating via mobile device can be challenging. RogerVoice, the leading telecommunications voice recognition solution for deaf and hard of hearing people, provides users with the ability to start a phone call and receive instant live transcriptions of what the callee is saying. It works in multiple countries and […]
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Mobyquest Gains Critical Phone Number Insights Using Nexmo Number Insight API

January 14, 2016 Published by // // // //

Mobyquest is a leading provider of MMS based applications. Through its exclusive agreements with telecom operators, the company provides its customers, including marketing agencies, web agencies, brands, and content publishers with highly competitive pricing for MMS messaging. Despite their exclusive agreements with telecommunications operators, Mobyquest needed a way to determine the correct carrier for each phone […]
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Looking Back at Nexmo’s 2015

January 5, 2016 Published by // // //

2015 was the biggest and best year at Nexmo yet. We have grown on all fronts, while continuing to mature our organisation and the cloud communication market. Below are some major highlights from the year. Enabling Chat App Connectivity Chat apps are rapidly becoming the next carriers of communication and social channel for consumers. In the […]
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