TextMagic Grows Traffic 40% Year Over Year Using Nexmo SMS API

Published November 23, 2015 by Parth Awasthi

TextMagic is an all-in-one text messaging service that allows 50,000+ SMBs to connect with their customers via two-way SMS, online texts, gateway SMS via email, SMS software for desktop, and SMS distribution lists, globally.

TextMagic looked to bolster their platform with more sophisticated, robust features to support global cloud communications capabilities, including the ability to send SMS notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and marketing campaigns.

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To overcome these challenges, TextMagic partnered with Nexmo. Integrating with Nexmo’s robust SMS API allowed TextMagic’s clients to:

  • Successfully send bulk SMS campaigns with unmatched deliverability rates.
  • Decrease time spent setting up and managing bulk SMS campaigns.
  • Reach any active mobile device, regardless of its location through Nexmo’s meshed carrier network.
  • Choose the best path for traffic distribution in real time via Adaptive Routing technology.
  • Abide by regional compliance and regulations so their messages arrive without delay.
  • Reduce latency and performance volatility.

Using Nexmo’s SMS API, TextMagic quickly and consistently grew, not only in Europe, but throughout major markets including Canada and the United States. Highlights include:

  • 300% increase in two-way conversations
  • 3X increase in inbound messages, ultimately higher engagement with the TextMagic platform
  • 40% growth year-over-year in SMS traffic
  • 98.4% average delivery rate

“As we grew the TextMagic business, we required a cloud communications partner that could help us scale globally, without compromising price and deliverability,” said Priit Vaikmaa, CEO of TextMagic. “Compared to other enterprise platforms we reviewed, Nexmo is by far the easiest to manage our clients’ spend and provides the highest quality communication services. In addition, Nexmo’s dashboard is extremely agile and provides easy-to-manage payment capabilities.”


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