Introducing Nexmo Verify SDK

Published November 11, 2015 by Srivatsan Srinivasan

Today, Nexmo launched the Verify SDK with the goal to minimize the resources required by developers to add secure phone verification, which ultimately results in high conversion rates. The Verify SDK allows you to add phone verification with a single line of code for password replacement, passwordless logins, 2-factor authentication, and user/transaction verification. It provides application developers with user management as a service allowing them to focus on building core business logic, and includes libraries, code samples, documentation, and UIs. You can scale your app instantly as Verify SDK complies with changing carrier and country regulations, globally.

In a nutshell, here’s what you get with Verify SDK:

  • A UX framework integrated with verification workflows that improves conversion
  • User authentication as a service to easily manage logins across devices and platforms
  • Higher security with the ability to combine phone numbers with device IDs
  • Unlimited push verifications with subscription pricing – don’t let cost get in the way of securing customer accounts

Over 400 applications implemented the public beta SDK for verifying users and transactions or adding two-factor authentication. Verify SDK has found use in a broad range of verticals from social/mobile and marketplaces to fintech and healthcare applications. Some of our early adopter clients had fantastic feedback on the Verify SDK, including:

  • “Nexmo’s Verify SDK allowed Caresharing to manage user identities across multiple devices and platforms without building a complex user management backend, and add a new level of security by tying phone numbers to unique device IDs,” said Harm Rietjens, Co-Founder and CPO of Caresharing.
  • “The Nexmo Verify SDK allowed us to implement a seamless verification process for our users, regardless of what device they are accessing our services from. Its ease of implementation, and user management functionality made it an ideal verification solution for Call Levels,” said Daniel Chia, Co-Founder of Call Levels.
  • “When developing the PinU app, we required a solution that could help us verify registrants to ensure the security and intimacy of community that our users required,” said Haris Adu, Founder of PinU. “Nexmo’s Verify SDK enabled PinU to scale the user verification process for new registrants, and the easy integration of the SDK allowed us to spend valuable engineering resources elsewhere.”

Check out the Verify SDK product page and Verify SDK documentation to learn more about everything that Verify SDK offers.