Nexmo Declared Top 20 API Technology Solution Provider in 2015

Published October 13, 2015 by Elisha Hoffman

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts reviewed the top companies in the API domain, and shortlisted the organizations at the forefront of tackling industry challenges. The selection panel looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill needs of buyers with effective solutions that curb the challenges.

We are happy to announce that Nexmo was declared one of the Top 20 Most Promising API Solution Providers in 2015!

As a part of this recognition, Nexmo CEO, Tony Jamous was included in the CIO Review CEO profile series:

Rapidly growing in terms of availability and functionality, Application Program Interfaces (APIs) continue to play a crucial role in modern IT by empowering developers to make strategic and operational decisions quickly, at scale. Often referred to as the drivers of modern IT, developers like how APIs bring agility in software development and increase the pace of innovation. Despite this, CIOs frequently face challenges in terms of security, cost management, and compliance.

Nexmo bridges traditional voice, messaging, and user identity verification services with cloud communications through APIs that address the needs of both software developers and CIOs. “We make it easy to test, scale, and reduce development resources while providing a highly secure and cost effective pay-per-use billing model,” explains Tony Jamous, CEO and Co-Founder, Nexmo.

The company’s voice API enables software developers to seamlessly customize and improve the voice experience for customers at a faster and easier rate. “Our goal at Nexmo is to deliver smarter APIs that solve specific problems for developers such as scalability or global reachability,” says Jamous.

He believes the best technology provides the simplest implementation and the highest performance; and for Nexmo, their work is more than a simple text message. “It is a critical communication channel needed to improve business process and user experience,” he adds. “When our customers are alerting people to where aid and information during natural disasters or informing people that their bank account is showing fraudulent activity, they need to know those messages are arriving and on time.”

Jamous explains telecommunications networks designed for business-critical messaging. “Especially when messages are sent internationally, the standard message delivery rate of only 60 percent is subpar,” he says.

The company has not only built globally scalable APIs, but also solved the complexities behind all the performance issues that plague typical cloud communication the not algorithmic route mapping and forming relationships directly with carriers. “This increases the message deliverability rate up to 30 percent,” Jamous affirms.

Additionally with the launch of Nexmo’s Chat App API, the company now enables brands to engage consumers one-on- one on their preferred chat application. The Nexmo Chat App API adds to Nexmo’s global cloud communication portfolio of innovative communication APIs and services that enable companies to engage with mobile consumers via their preferred channel, be it voice, SMS or now, chat applications including Viber, Line and WeChat.

“Our vision behind the Chat App API is to simplify the accessibility of chat app audiences for brands and customer relationship management (CRM) users through a targeted communications channel,” says Jamous.

In addition to brand interaction, to stay relevant in the industry, the company truly understands its customers’ needs. By working hand-in-hand with clients, Nexmo focuses on smart innovation. Collaborating with high-volume companies such as Alibaba, LINE, and Viber, Nexmo has enabled several clients to send millions of messages and calls per month using Nexmo’s APIs.

Going forward, Nexmo will continue to build scalable APIs. The company recently launched a suite of smart APIs to solve the complexity of two factor verification. “Public beta access to our Verify iOS, Android, and Java SDKs was just recently launched and we will be introducing those as formal products in the coming months. IoT is another area where Nexmo seeks to excel down the road,” Jamous concludes. The company also believes that the application to person SMS channel will continue to have a steep growth in the years ahead.


This article was originally featured in CIO Review.

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