Cloud Communications Poised for Rampant Growth

Published August 05, 2015 by Tony Jamous

Today we released market information demonstrating the surging growth in the global cloud communications space for the next five years. Nexmo is helping drive this growing market growth with innovative open solutions, superior customer support, global reach and top tier customers like Alibaba, Airbnb, LINE and Viber.

Click here to view the infographic.

With IDC forecasting global revenue generated by the cloud communications market will grow from $123 million in 2013 to $7.5 billion 2018 at a 127 percent CAGR, it is clear that more and more businesses rely on cloud communications for their business. In our infographic entitled, “The Innovative Future of SMS,” we explain some trends driving this growth.

  • Global A2P SMS traffic is poised to grow 63% from 1.4 trillion messages in 2013 to 2.19 trillion messages in 2018
  • Global revenue generated from A2P SMS is projected to grow from $55.04 billion in 2014 to $70.32 billion in 2020, lead by three regions:
    • North America – projected 3.8 percent growth from $15.13 billion to $18.87 billion
    • Europe – projected 3.7 percent growth from $11.65 billion to 14.48 billion
    • APAC – projected 4.6 percent growth from $23.29b to $30.52 billion
  • Over 350 billion global SMS messages are sent every month

Since 2010 we’ve helped companies like Alibaba and Snapchat navigate the complex communications space with our global cloud communications platform and expertise to more efficiently and reliably communicate with their customers. We are excited to keep pushing the envelope of what is possible with cloud communications and help our customers achieve rampant growth.

While A2P messaging was originally popular among marketers, other fields are increasingly using cloud communications. With retail, finance, hospitality, travel and transport and gaming leading the global volume of A2P SMS, the Nexmo infographic breaks down how each industry uses A2P messaging.

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