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How to Turn a Cool Lead Warm with SMS Marketing

July 30, 2015 Published by // //

In today’s world of information overload, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to effectively engage consumers. Marketers have tens of channels to consider, from online, to mobile, social, and more, with the internet providing the common denominator between these channels. With so many rich, complex ad units coming into the market, it’s easy to lose sight of […]
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Nexmo Integrates Viber into Chat App API

July 28, 2015 Published by // // //

We’re proud to announce our collaboration with Viber that will allow brands to easily and seamlessly engage with their customers on Viber’s messaging platform via Nexmo’s Chat App API. Chat applications have massive online presence but differ from one another in terms of disparate features, geographic penetration, technical requirements and local market restrictions. The Nexmo Chat App API solves […]
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The Death of Passwords: How Telephone Numbers are Reinventing Security

July 21, 2015 Published by // //

Internet services are increasingly turning away from conventional forms of user identification and passwords and instead looking towards authentication via mobile phone, a measure that significantly increases security. Although businesses have not put all the mechanisms in place to effectively identify their users, it has become a critical threat they are now taking very seriously. […]
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The Security Trend: Why Mobile Apps Should Move Toward OTPs

July 16, 2015 Published by // // //

Today, security and a safe user experience are more important than ever. However, many mobile applications, e-commerce sites and online communities only require a simple username and static password for login and access. While this is convenient for users, these login credentials are easily compromised using techniques like phishing, keyboard logging and other methods of […]
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