Apps World 2015 Wrap-Up

Published May 28, 2015 by James Winter

Another week and another conference down with Apps World 2015 North America drawing to a close. This was my second year attending the conference and, while it had a decent showing, it seemed to be a little bit slower than last year. Part of that, I think, can be attributed to the awesome Internet of Things booths upstairs with all of their incredibly interesting demos (Teslas are magnets for conference goers).

From my perspective, the foot traffic throughout the show floor seemed fairly evenly split between developers and what I’d categorize as business people. When using the word “API” in my elevator pitch for what Nexmo does, it seemed like a toss-up as to whether or not the person I was conversing with had a good idea of what we were selling.

Ever-Increasing Importance of Authentication

One thing that seemed to resonate with everybody, though, was our number verification and two-factor authentication (2FA) content on display. With all of the recent pressure placed on apps to avoid being the next hacking headline, it’s no wonder that our Verify At-a-Glance and How to Build Effective 2FA Without Losing Conversions pieces of content were so popular. Many people, it would seem, had already either started the process to integrate 2FA into their registration flow, or were planning on adding it in the near future.

Michael Presenting at AppsWorld

In addition to the traffic we saw at our booth, Nexmo’s own Director of Developer Relations, Michael Ludden, gave a great talk titled “What’s the best strategy on how to engage with developers?” that drove a ton of people our way. For a business like Nexmo, it’s imperative that, although we may not always be talking to developers as the sole decision maker, we always treat the developer as a key stakeholder in the vendor selection process and they deserve lots of love.

The Coolest Booth

Keeping with my recent tradition of identifying the coolest booth at the show, the winner of my prestigious, meaningless award goes to Applause. They say scent has the strongest connection to memory out of any of the senses, and Applause really exploited that quite well with their fresh cookies, baked at the booth. My olfactory system was overcome with the scintillating smells of chocolate chips melting to perfection far before my eyes ever saw their signage. Bravo Applause, bravo.

Best Booth AppsWorld_800

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