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What Are Business Critical Communications?

Published February 04, 2015 by James Winter

In the hyper-connected world of mobile internet, users have become accustomed to having information constantly available at the exact moment it’s needed. I sometimes find myself getting almost irrationally frustrated when there is even a slight delay in something such as waiting for a message to be delivered or my email not downloading properly (I really need an iPhone Mail alternative…).

In this climate of instant information gratification, companies are finding wild success by disrupting based on customer experience alone – one needs to look no further than Airbnb or Uber for examples of stellar user experiences. When a part of that user experience expectation is delayed or broken, it is as if trust in the company has been lost.

From our own SMS data, we have seen that even a few seconds delay in the speed of message delivery can mean the difference between someone completing registration for an app, or abandoning it entirely.

For these, and most, companies, communication has become business-critical.

On-Time Delivery

When people ask what makes Nexmo different as an SMS provider, the differentiator that resonates most is that we focus on communications that are critical to their business. Show me someone who is familiar with the SMS industry, and I’ll show you someone who has been frustrated by undelivered miStock_000012492527Large_resizedessages, unacceptable latency, and a lack of transparency.

Nexmo wanted to change that. Business-critical, to us, means that whatever the content of the message, it’s content that simply has to get to the user at the right time, in the right place. Period. If it’s essential to you and your business, it’s urgent to us.

The Power of a Text Message

SMS has the distinction of being one of the most widely used communication methods in the world, with over 80%* of the global population reachable via SMS. While SMS was originally developed as a method of communication between two people, its use in business applicatiStock_000026389841XXXLarge_resizedions has exploded over the last decade. The power and reliability of SMS’s 95% read rate within two minutes of being received has opened up a new range of possibilities when it comes to communicating with users. How many businesses can turn down the ability to reach any user on earth within seconds?

Awareness. Acquisition. Engagement. Retention.

Customer experience is a beachhead that disruptive innovators use to create new business opportunities in established markets. In any interaction with a customer, the quality of that customer’s experience is critical to extending the relationship. It directly impacts customer awareness, acquisition, engagement, advocacy, personalization, communications and retention. Creating an effective and reliable communications channel for these users is one of the key ways to build their trust.

And if you don’t believe me, just see how frustrated you get the next time you’re waiting for important information to be delivered. A few seconds can mean the difference between a customer for life or a lost opportunity!