Welcoming Mark Smith to the Nexmo Developer Relations Team

October 18, 2016 Published by //

Hi, my name’s Mark – although I’m known as Judy2k on GitHub, Twitter, and almost everywhere else. (Judy’s been a nickname of mine since university, and I’m not going to explain it!) I’m excited to start my Developer Relations career at Nexmo! I’ve been a software developer for 20 years, these days primarily Python, but […] Read more »

Webinar: Enhance your Existing Application with Voice Capabilities

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Application users are increasingly expecting flexible and contextualized communications. These savvy users expect to interact with your application over multiple channels; including SMS, Voice, and Chat. With Nexmo’s new Voice API you can easily add contextual voice communication to your existing applications. Please join the Nexmo team as we discuss ways to add feature-rich voice […] Read more »