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U.S. SMS Long Codes vs. Short Codes? What is Best for My Use Case?

Wed 25 Feb 2015

iStock_000001130338Large_resizedIn the United States, there are strict regulations that dictate how businesses should interact with end users via SMS. Sending an SMS incorrectly can result in an immediate shutdown of your service, or worse fines of up to $1500 per message. The two most common ways to send SMS messages in the U.S. are using a long code or a short code as the Sender ID (a Sender ID is the “from” address of a text message). This post will assist you in understanding the differences between the 2 options and help you choose which option is best for your use case.


Fancy a Trip to Amsterdam, At No Charge?

Tue 24 Feb 2015

The 10th edition of The Next Web Conference will be held on April 23-24, 2015 in Amsterdam, bringing together thousands of innovative minds in one jam-packed event, to learn and discuss the latest web trends, best business practices and meet some of the world’s most influential leaders in technology and innovation. The annual meetup will celebrate a decade of inspiration, with confirmed appearances by the industry’s top trailblazers, from Mark Randall, Adobe’s Vice President of Creativity, to Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon.

TNW Conference

A full-priced ticket to the 2-day TNW Conference Europe 2015 event costs $625 (€545). In partnership with The Next Web, Nexmo is offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to not only win free tickets, but also arrive at the conference in style.

No matter where you’re based in the world, we want you to experience Amsterdam, VIP-style. Continue…

What is VoiceXML?

Sat 21 Feb 2015

If you’re just getting started building phone-enabled applications, you may be wondering what exactly VoiceXML is used for. In this post I’ll give an overview of what VoiceXML is, what it’s used for, and the general components of a VoiceXML document.

In a nutshell, VoiceXML is like HTML for a phone call: it describes what the call should “look” like when a call connects a person with an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Continue…

Improving Women’s Health in Malawi

Wed 18 Feb 2015

World’s First Program Provides Medical Care Via SMS & Voice Messages


Here is another reason why Nexmo is special: our technology has a direct impact on making people’s lives better. It’s incredibly rewarding whenever we see our products help connect people when they need it the most. You may have missed how we worked with engageSpark to help Filipinos escape the wrath of Typhoon Hagupit last December.

But two weeks ago we announced a collaboration with VillageReach, a non-profit focused on providing healthcare in low-income countries. Our joint effort has resulted in the first free healthcare center by mobile phone for expecting mothers in Malawi, which has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Continue…

Stopping Scams at the Door of Love

Sun 15 Feb 2015

Finding love online is hard. When you throw in the potential for fraud and financial scams it could be enough to make anybody give up. For online dating companies like Dates of Asia, user abandonment is a worst case scenario.

Dates of Asia started out using an email-based registration validation system to try to reduces spammers and scammers from using their services. Robert McGrath, CEO, quickly learned that email addresses are easy to spoof and his Dates of Asia staff was spending valuable time responding to user concerns about scams coming from other users. Continue…

Sifting for Spammers and Scammers

Tue 10 Feb 2015

Nobody wants to be the victim of fraud or the recipient of unwelcome spam, and no app or service provider wants to harbour a spammer or scammer. As a B2C company, it’s not just a question of liability or looking out for your customer’s best interest. At worst, an app or service provider’s reputation is at risk if people think that the business let anyone into their  mobile community.

So how best to prevent the spammers and scammers from infiltrating your services and compromising your reputation? Continue…