About us

We’re in the connection business. We link your cloud applications directly to carriers. We do it globally, on a vast scale 24/7/365 and with an obsession of customer satisfaction.

Meet the leadership team

  • Tony Jamous

    Tony Jamous
    CEO and Founder

    Tony has over 12 years of leadership experience in the global telecoms and messaging space. At mBlox and Boku, he opened up messaging and payments services to over 82 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. Tony has a Masters in Computer Science from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble and an MBA from IMD in Switzerland.

  • Eric Nadalin

    Eric Nadalin
    CTO and Founder

    Eric has managed teams in both the payments and messaging spaces for 17 years. His startup iPIN was acquired by Valista and integrated with major telco providers such as Orange, AT&T and Vodafone. He has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computer Science from Université Paul Sabatier.

  • Alex Economon

    Alex Economon
    Director of Business Development

    Alex has 12 years in the mobile messaging and content industry. At mBlox, he launched mobile messaging services throughout Europe as well as North America, and managed business development and carrier relations for Netsize before its acquisition by Gemalto. Alex has a B.A. from the University of Davis and an MBA from UCLA.

  • Alex Economon

    Angie Woon Bell
    Director of Business Development

    Angie has over ten years' experience in both the telco and media spaces. As a Senior VP at 42 Telecom, she worked with Business Development, Marketing & Communications and Product & Technology Development to ensure implementation of business strategies and market expansion through new acquisitions. Angie has a degree from Curtin University of Technology.

  • David Vigar

    David Vigar
    Director of Carrier Relations

    David has managed relationships exclusively in the messaging and voice spaces for seven years. He built carrier relations in voice for Tele2 and also at iBasis-KPN during their $93.3m merger, where he developed internal process and reporting. David also lead the early development of iBasis’ SMS business in Latin America. A keen flautist, David holds a BA(Hons)(Exon) in Economics with Legal Studies.

Our board of directors

Rob Rueckert
Intel Capital

Rob is Director, Venture Investments at Intel Capital where he invests in mobile, internet and cloud companies. He invested in over 27 high tech companies.

Ken Lamb
Initial Capital

Ken is a co-founder and partner at Initial Capital, an early stage investment firm in companies such as Supercell, Plyfe and Space Ape. Before Initial Capital, he was a corporate partner at Gibson Dunn and a managing director at CIBC World Markets.

Woo Kim
Director of Operations, Asia

Venture Capitalist at NHN Investment focusing on new media and online services, Woo has strong operational experience with previous roles at eBay and TECOM.

About us

While we have customers all over the world, we call San Francisco, London, and Hong Kong home. Contact us if you’d like to chat about your SMS or Voice needs. We enjoy meeting our customers over a cup of coffee.


About our story

Our roots are deep in global telco, and we have connections with carriers on every continent and in every country.

As APIs began changing how the web works, we saw what our direct-to-carrier SMS and Voice access could mean when connected with applications around the world. In 2010, we set out to get as many direct connections to carriers as possible, and to make them accessible around the world to everyone with a terminal or IDE and an internet connection.

As a result of the reliability, performance and low cost of our network, Nexmo has attracted some of the biggest players in the OTT space, including Line, Viber, KakaoTalk, and dozens more. Each one of these apps processes millions of transactions a month.

Whether you process billions of transactions or merely have an idea for an app, Nexmo is easily available to you. Just sign up and you’ll be sending your first message in minutes.

Fast Facts

  • We were founded in 2010 by telecom industry experts

  • We process over 1bn transactions each year

  • We have over 95% customer satisfaction

We're VC Backed by

Intel capital NHN Investment

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